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Two are Better than One.

Let’s Succeed Together.

Our partner and reseller programs are designed to help you succeed with us. As a partner, you will be able to work closely with our technical support team to help with your clients’ website transitions as you launch their new websites.  Our experienced team specializes in helping new customers get settled in.

You may find it easier to hand off all of the customer contact for technical issues to our team so that you do not have to spend resources on technical support issues. As a reseller, you gain access to our wholesale pricing for website hosting, and handle invoicing between you and your customer. In this scenario your solution can be completely transparent, or “white-label.”

Regardless which arrangement you choose, you can benefit by maintaining client relationships while we provide technical solutions. Our team will do as much or as little back-end server work for you as you need. Our team can also be the primary point of contact for your customers’ technical support needs, if desired, so you can tackle first-level support directly or pass it all on to us — it’s your choice.

We find these programs work very well for graphic or web designers, marketing consultants, and others who have customers that want hosting services that aren’t a part of their core business. We provide you with the advantage of working with a hosting company who will be accountable and accessible to you.

If you prefer to simply hand off hosting services as a referral, we’ve also got a revenue-sharing model that means you can make something on the hosting cost without having to take on the burden of server management. Best of all, you can get priority support without having to convince junior support staff to let you speak to someone who understands what you’re asking.

Custom WordPress Themes & Plugins

If you’re a designer but don’t want to dig too deeply into the code behind the website, we can custom-develop WordPress themes based on your careful design. You spend time creating pixel-perfect designs—why turn to a theme market to purchase a theme that’s “kind of close” to what you have envisioned? We’ll produce a theme based on your Photoshop, InDesign, PDF, or similar graphics files, and turn it back to you as a complete WordPress theme for presentation to your client, built to recent standards using current best practices. If your client needs custom functionality, we’ve got you covered there as well, so you won’t have to turn away work.


If you have customer contracts that you want to sell or transition, we will negotiate to acquire website hosting accounts or website support service clients.

Reach out to discuss how being a 100% Webhost partner can help your business!