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Peace of Mind with Every Plan.

We know what your website needs from both a technical and a business perspective. For this reason, our full-service hosting plans are designed not merely to keep your website alive, but to properly support your business. For this reason, the plans below include a number of features that may elsewhere be not offered, only available on request, or only available as upgrades.

100% Managed Hosting Plans

Site Care

Most Popular Small-Business Plan

Managed WordPress Hosting

Minor Site Changes on Request

1 Domain Name Registration

SSL/TLS Security Certificate

Free Transfer-In, Setup, & Configuration

cPanel Access

Hosted Email

Daily Backups

Real-Time Virus Scanning

Malware Removal if Needed

WordPress User-Support

$32 CAD Per Month
or $340 CAD Per Year (One Month Free!)

Site Care Plus

Recommended for Online Sales

All Site Care Features, plus

Additional Storage Space

Additional Website on Account

Advanced Support Options

Additional Site Changes Available

Woocommerce Support & Management

WordPress Multisite Support


Site Performance Optimization

$47 CAD Per Month
or $500 CAD Per Year (One Month Free!)


No Problem. While WordPress is the most widely used CMS, we also provide hosting for many other content management systems like Joomla!, Expression Engine, Drupal, SurrealCMS, and others, including custom applications.

That’s okay. While it’s included with the hosting plan, you don’t have to use it if you’re already set up with or prefer to use Gmail, Office365, or your own internal mail server. Email servers need a little extra attention in setting them up and we can handle that or work directly with your IT staff to integrate them.

Glad you asked. What we’re referring to are common site updates that you might need from time to time. For example, if you hire a new staff member, you might need a new email address and want to show their name and information on your contact page. Rather than editing the page on your website and logging into your hosting panel to create the new email account, just let us know and we’ll handle it for you.

Recently a number of our clients asked us to add a COVID notice on their website, and later to change it. Sometimes those were just an extra sentence or two, and sometimes they needed to be in a “popup” box or a bar along the top or bottom of the page. These are all good examples.

We may need access to your accounts such as GoDaddy, Google Analytics, business social media accounts etc., in order to make a smooth transition to our Site Care.

Some reasons we may need to access your accounts are:

  • Change name servers to optimize your websites load time
  • Properly integrate Google Analytics with your website
  • Schedule Social Media Posts

We will require the username and password for any account you authorize us to access on your behalf.

Yes. If your store sells only a few products or if you only use Woocommerce as a catalogue, you can run it on Site Care. The Woocommerce support listed for Site Care Plus reflects the fact that Woocommerce updates can sometimes be more complex and need extra attention, particularly with additional requirements like online payments, shipping calculations, or large product catalogues.

We optimize our servers to provide the best performance for most sites, but there are additional steps that can be done on a case-by-case basis that are not universal from one site to the next. This extra bit of fine-tuning can help improve your page load times, and in turn, your search engine ranking.

Typically, WordPress user support includes the gambit of “how-do-I” questions from editing pages to installing plugins. This is designed to support users who need to do ongoing changes to their sites themselves, but need somewhere to turn for extra help on occasion.

Standard Features On All Plans

  • Managed Hosting Environment
  • Secure Data Center with Daily Backups
  • All Stored Data Remains in Canada
  • PHP & MariaDB
  • Email Access via Webmail, POP3, IMAP, or SMTPAuth
  • Supports Mail on Web, iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • Free Domain Registration with Annual Plan
  • Expert Hassle-Free Support
  • Easy Upgrade Path to Dedicated Server or VPS
  • Real-Time Virus Scanning

Special Features Also on All Plans

  • Additional Tech Support Available to Agencies & Web Designers/Developers
  • Reseller/Referral Program Available
  • Full Domain Registration Services
  • Custom Server Configurations
  • Application & High-Availability Hosting
  • Fully Scalable Options, up to Private Cloud Platforms
  • Available Minor Website Tweaks & Upgrades
  • In-House WordPress, Domain, & Email Support Experts
  • In-House Routing & System Admin Experts
Happy young woman

There are a lot of “best practice” considerations that go into hosting your website. For example, it doesn’t matter whether or not your website uses “www” before your domain, but it should be consistent. Similarly, your site should use a secure https:// connection, even if there isn’t any sensitive data involved. The presence of a secure connection is a factor in where your site ranks in a search engine, so we include the secure connection (SSL/TLS) in the hosting plan. What is slightly less obvious is that your site should redirect non-secure requests to the secure connection (the url in your browser changes from http:// to https://). This is also an example of something we just do for you as part of managing your site — you don’t even need to know that you should ask for it.

Some webhosts will treat these things as “upsells” and charge extra for things like SSL/TLS connections, privacy settings on your domain registration when they’re available, even daily backups — things we simply include with our hosting plan because they’re things you should have. We don’t claim to be the lowest priced service available, but when you get comparative features stacked up “apples-to-apples”, we usually are.

A La Carte

The Managed Hosting plans above include all you need for your site, but there are some situations where you’ll want extra services on the side. Other than these items, our pricing is inclusive.

  • Additional Domain Registrations
  • Software License Management
  • SEO Services
  • Website Audit
  • Site Recovery & Replatform

Don’t See A Plan that Fits Your Needs?

In addition to these standardized hosting plans, we also offer a basic or “no-frills” hosting plan that provides more traditional web hosting with cPanel access but not the additional site management that our standard plans feature.

We also offer dedicated virtual machines with cPanel management that include high-volume bandwidth and storage. On request, we will also design customized hosting packages for complex requirements, including high-availability or failover configurations.