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Announcement for Worldwide Web Manitoba Customers 2023-03-24

Your website and email provider is changing.

Due to business changes, WebHog o/a Worldwide Web Manitoba have decided to stop providing web hosting services, and have arranged for 100% Webhost to continue serving you.

Don’t Panic. You are in good hands.

100% Webhost is Manitoba’s largest independent web host. We are proud to offer hosting services, with data residence in Canada on hardware physically located in Winnipeg.

As we transfer your site, your domain, and data to our state of the art web hosting servers, your site’s uptime, data, email, and other services, will continue, uninterrupted.

You probably won’t notice the changeover.

Plus, In the days ahead, you can look forward to some improvements to your service as well as having additional services available to you.

One of the benefits of this move is, in addition to deep expertise in web hosting, you also get access to a group of marketers, designers, and developers through 100% Webhost’s subsidiary company, Modern Earth.

Expect a phone call in the next few days, as we will be reaching out to speak to you about your site and to get to know your business better.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out – give us a call or simply reply to this email. We’d love to hear from you and discuss any specific needs to help your business succeed online.
Visit the and websites to learn more about us and our team.
You can reach out for support and assistance at ,or call us at 204-318-1671 at any time. Our support systems will automatically create an internal tracking ticket for your issue, whether from your email or voicemail, so even if you don’t speak with someone directly, your message will be in our system and quickly resolved.

Once again, welcome to 100% Webhost

Download a copy of this announcment here.