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Site Care.

One Step to your $1 Website Setup

Provide us with some basic information and we will do all the work transferring your site into our Site Care service.

What we need:

  • $1. This is just to make sure that you have a valid payment method that we can work with in the future. After the trial period, you can choose to transfer the site away to a space that you manage, or just let the automatic invoicing proceed at regular rates. $CAD 340 per year or $CAD 32 per month.
  • EITHER Your new domain registration is included in the Site Care Plan.
  • OR Your domain registration and/or DNS server access. We need to be able to log in so we can point the site at our servers. You can change this password after we’re done if you like. (Or if you know how, you can change the DNS yourself.)

What you’ll have:

  • A hosted website with our expert technical support
  • WordPress support and troubleshooting as needed
  • Security certificate installed on your site automatically
  • Hosted email (if required)
  • Backups that we retain for years to come
  • Real time malware protection

You can complete all the steps yourself, or if you are unsure of anything, just let our support team know and we will complete the setup for you.

If you’re not sure what to do then just fill out the form below and we will help.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Why Site Care?

100 Percent Webhost is offering this service as a way to help small/medium businesses website owners get the most from their websites. Many of the tips we’ll offer in this report are things you can do yourself, but if you like, we’re happy to step in with an assist—that’s what we do. But once again, there’s no obligation, and we won’t spam you endlessly afterward. We promise.

100 Percent Webhost is a different kind of web host, offering Site Care above and beyond both standard and managed web hosting plans to help your website work for your business. There are many small things that can help your website load quickly and be found by search engines. The goal of this report is to identify which of these can be done to make sure your website is performing to support your business.

Does Your Web Host:

  • Include a domain name registration (.com, .ca, and many others);
  • Manage your domain renewals for you on a single invoice;
  • Set up TLS/SSL Security certificate for your site;
  • Make minor website changes as needed upon request;
  • Provide host email, with webmail access (if required);
  • Provide WordPress & CPanel access for site admins;
  • Run automated daily backups;
  • Do automated real-time malware scanning
  • Provide Malware removal if needed;
  • Do ongoing WordPress updates including public plugins & themes;
  • Offer access to a team of WordPress experts for help & training as needed;
  • Ensure all hosted website data is stored within Canada;
  • Provide free site migration for transfers in;
  • Host sites on its own hardware using a stable power grid (with redundancy) on Treaty 1 Territory in Winnipeg, MB;
  • Maintain in-house expertise in hardware, software, network routing, website and database programming and WordPress development; and
  • Most importantly, provide you with peace of mind…

…at NO EXTRA Charge?

If not, you aren’t getting 100%.

Our Site Care hosting product is a cut above basic, standard, or even managed website hosting. It includes everything listed above, all at the quoted price. For clients who want to add additional site maintenance services, they’re available as well. Additional domain names are available at an additional charge based on the global registry prices.

Site Care provides you with the best support and protection, almost like website insurance. Support can range from WordPress training to iPhone email help to desktop computer configurations – whatever you need to keep your website working for you.

Peace of Mind comes from knowing you’ve got 100% Helpdesk behind you to keep your website running and producing results for your business.